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About Us

Israel ScaVentures is an Israel-based team that loves fun and facilitates a level-up experience of Israel both virtual or in person.

So many ScaVentures

More than 100 000 participants from all over the world have played ScaVentures games.  Which one of our  50+ tour games developed for families and organizations will you choose?

​On an offline ScaVenture, you will navigate your way through streets, alleys and markets. On an online ScaVenture you will play a themed group game. Get ready to engage with iconic sites, remarkable people and amazing stories.

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Windmill Dash

Yemin Moshe

 You will wander from the Montefiore Windmill through the winding alleys of Yemin Moshe with an Israel ScaVentures mission pack in hand, and you will learn the story of a frontier neighborhood that became one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful places. 



Through ancient arches and in cobbeled alleys, you'll discover the secrets of the Old City while tales of inspiring people, iconic sites and tremendous events come to life. 

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Tzfat Dash


Navigate to a biblical cave, climb to the top of a Turkish bell tower, discover the secret weapon of the 1948 war of Independence and have many more adventures on the Tzfat Scavenger Hunt.


The Baron's Dash

Zichron Yaakov

Idealistic immigrants, failed farmers, a Baron, a love story and a spy ring…all to be found among your missions on the first streets of this beautiful and vibrant town.


More tour games by ScaVentures . . .

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